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The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'

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The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'
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A discourse on the "compassionate love of the solar lord." and his pursuit for perfection.

The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force':


A discourse on the "compassionate love of the solar lord."

and his pursuit of perfection. 2003.


JC: Pain in the human kingdom is the result of dis-harmony of vibration with the wave of compassionate love of the solar lord. Hence all pains and catastrophes, which are brought about by the great wave of systemic love given to his brother, the Earth, are but the reflections of the un-synchronised vibrations displayed by us its children, here.


Also, as Master H regards it in Theogenesis, the pulse of the Solar orb is the life wave of sacrificial love and compassion for its system and all therein.  It is this wave of compassion i.e. Agni and its solar prana, which alone is responsible for the cyclic wave of evolution and spiritual development of all things on Earth. Its solar breath given out every eleven years or so is the impulse towards evolvement of all the cyclic races of mankind.


The Solar wind forms part of the compassionate love of the Solar Lord the Magnetic impulse that generates such activity here on Earth via our magnetic sphere and poles. As HPB said so simply, "the Sun is a great magnet." Every Sphere, atom, human, planetary or Star sounds forth a note, and that note eventually has to resonate a chord of synthesis. All vibration is sound, tone and colour.


The Sun sends us solar prana that sustains our life here. Without the pulsing of the suns heart centre we would cease to exist. This Lord administers the seven divine Rays into our system via the planets; he is the Great Lord of our solar system, so great we cannot conceive as to his vast consciousness. He is the systemic Heart and solar Hierarch of Love in its purity.


The suns Heart beats every eleven years taking approximately one year more to complete its sending out its vital life sustaining prana to us and to all kingdoms. The visible physical Sun is its personality vehicle, its body of manifestation and outer expression and like us is in process of perfection, though on a far higher scale.


Analogy seems to indicate cosmic or solar ruptures have a detrimental effect here on Earth. Taking into consideration that the physical Sun is the personality vehicle of the inner Solar Lord, perhaps they are a form of Solar or Cosmic poor circulation or poisonous areas or the like. Areas of un-

harmonious disruption.


A physical body of fire is one awesome body, but perhaps cooler areas show imperfections. Here on earth the physical body of the planetary logos in not of fire but inner turmoil and human incongruity assists in helping [cosmic influences] in ruptures or eruptions that spew forth fire with other material from deep inside the Earth.


Ruptures on Saturn and Jupiter effect us also it seems. Cool areas in the sun seem to result in a relatively unstable aura, which in turn have in extremes, an unsettling and increased amount of eruptions here. An extreme tension in the solar system is the result of such solar activity, thus we struggle with truly cosmic energies that have such a direct influence upon our lives and affect us in consciousness. Such a battle we face. The need to gather psychic energy is clearly to be seen.


It appears this effect causes a solar tension [perhaps akin to human tension here, not a spiritual tension] and so may in my mind be considered as less than desirable conditions on the Sun. MM encourages their consideration and line of study that we may work consciously to gather our own psychic energy to offset conditions here.  We are told that such an action here even individually is of enormous consequence to humanity and Hierarchy. This of course is all relative to the stupendous state of perfection the solar lord has reached with perspective to us.


We are told of the great battle between the left and right hand path that as elsewhere is always in process. That there could possibly be such un-harmonious conditions as the struggle between good and evil upon such a sacred vessel seems almost un-imaginable to human thought. Though if some time for consideration is given we well know of the imperfection which exists in some dark constellations as theosophy and the ageless wisdom informs us. So the striving for perfection is under way in all spheres.


Does it seem so odd for imperfections to correspond to rhythm or at least that which appears to be regular? Perhaps they are even irregularities which occur from our scientific view point as being predictable. In health matters on earth do not disease and symptomatic conditions appear regular or follow cycles or even seem rhythmic from a doctors view and understanding. Does not our weather seem to follow cycles and patterns? Even earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes have a pattern and may appear to be predictable to us but their linking to solar consciousness and human consciousness is irrefutable to esotericists.


So the Sun breathes, and all the same may [relatively] have imperfections. We also breath and have imperfections. The teachings definatly inform us that the Sun composed of its opposing devas has its own battles as do we. JPC.


"The precipitation of forces was due to the action of a higher race of beings which inhabited the sun.  There, as elsewhere in the Universe, the battle between Good and Evil is always being fought, and at the time in question, there was a great war between the Devas of the right and left-hand path over the possession and use of certain powers and positions which largely controlled the solar system. By means of the tremendous elemental forces set free by the disturbance of the equilibrium of the sun, great changes occurred in the configuration of the same (changes that are comparable to those which would occur in the earth's crust if a great internal explosion occurred), and the sudden freeing of such undirected elemental forces also disturbed the equilibrium of the earth," Temple Teachings 172. Hilarion.


Perhaps we may be able to see that there is a possibility of non-harmonious conditions, which may be the results of this rhythmic battle still occurring on the Sun as it has its own magnetic "Storms" as we do on a lesser scale and as a consequence of the solar disturbances. JPC.


"The one thing which I am constantly pleading for with you is a "natural life." The individual life of each of you should grow and expand naturally, and so reach fruition without spot or blemish, instead of being distorted by deformity and imperfection. TT Vol I 09. Hilarion.



"The Sun is the heart of the Solar World (System) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-centre of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein. . . . The planets are its limbs and pulses. . . ." (Commentary.)


It was stated elsewhere (in the Theosophist) that Occult philosophy denies that the Sun is a globe in combustion, but defines it simply as a world, a glowing sphere, the real Sun being hidden behind, and the visible being only its reflection, its shell. The Nasmyth willow leaves, mistaken by Sir J. Herschell for "Solar inhabitants," are the reservoirs of solar vital energy, "the vital electricity that feeds the whole system . . . The Sun in abscondito being thus the storehouse of our little Kosmos, self-generating its vital fluid, and ever receiving as much as it gives out," and the visible Sun only a window cut into the real Solar palace and presence, which reflects, however, faithfully the interior work.


Thus, there is a regular circulation of the vital fluid throughout our system, of which the Sun is the heart -- the same as the circulation of the blood in the human body -- during the manvantaric solar period, or life; the Sun contracting as rhythmically at every return of it, as the human heart does. Only, instead of performing the round in a second or so, it takes the solar blood ten of its years, and a whole year to pass through its auricles and ventricles before it washes the lungs and passes thence to the great veins and arteries of the system.


This, Science will not deny, since Astronomy knows of the fixed cycle of eleven years when the number of solar spots increases, which is due to the contraction of the Solar HEART.


The universe (our world in this case) breathes, just as man and every living creature, plant, and even mineral does upon the earth; and as our globe itself breathes every twenty-four hours. The dark region is not due "to the absorption exerted by the vapours issuing from the bosom of the sun and interposed between the observer and the photosphere," as Father Secchi would have it ("Le Soleil" II., 184), nor are the spots formed "by the matter (heated gaseous matter) which the irruption projects upon the solar disc" (ibid). It is similar to the regular and healthy pulsation of the heart, as the life fluid passes through its hollow muscles. Could the human heart be made luminous, and the living and throbbing organ be made visible, so as to have it reflected upon a screen, such as used by the astronomers in their lectures -- say for the moon -- then every one would see the Sun-spot phenomenon repeated every second -- due to its contraction and the rushing of the blood. SD1 541.


"The Logos of a solar system is esoterically called the "Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force" because this great Being includes within His focused awareness the fields of expression of the Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius. They are to Him what the heart, the head and the throat centers are to the developed initiate on this planet. EA 504.


Just as the body egoic of man (that which is called the causal body) is only in process of formation, and is not yet perfected, so we may predicate the same of the solar system, as it expresses the Life of God. It is in process of perfecting. The Son, manifesting through the Sun and its sphere of influence, is yet in a state of gradual development, and not until each cell within His body is fully alive and vibrating to a uniform measure, will He be "full grown" and perfected. Not until His radiation and His display of light is perfectly seen and felt, will His place among the heavenly constellations (the Son of God in a cosmic sense) be fully achieved. TCF. 230.


Until the heat is general and balanced. When this is the case and each Son of God is a perfected Sun, characterized by perfectly expressed light and heat, then the entire solar system, the greater Son of God, will be the perfected Sun. TCF 229.


The Son manifests through his qualities of light and heat, as does the solar Sun.
Not until each cell in His body is a sphere of radiant glory - a blaze of fire and light, and a source of magnetic radiation or heat, occultly expressed, will the Son in the Heavens "shine forth." From the cosmic point of view, as we know, our sun is but of the fourth order, and on the lowest cosmic plane. When the Son has, through the Sun, attained full expression (that is, perfected His display of light and heat) then He will shine forth upon another plane, that of the cosmic mental. TCF 230.



August 2003.

Jeremy Condick.



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